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- Posted on 17 Dec 2015

Welcome To Glenburn Methodist Church

We are a Church striving to be at the heart of our community bringing the love and peace of Jesus to all.

Due to the guidelines set out by the government, and following instructions from MCI, we unfortunately are unable to gather for worship on Sundays. Worship services are cancelled over the coming weeks, as are all activities that would take place during the week.

You can link to our Facebook page by clicking on the ‘f’ in the top right corner above.

Our postal address is:  Glenburn Methodist Church, 6 Glensharragh Gardens, Belfast, BT6 9PE


Please keep an eye out on this web page, especially Sundays, for more from our minister, the Rev. Cheryl Patterson and others.  By clicking on the title of the site below and subscribing to it you will find additional information, spiritual support, guidance and encouragement from Cheryl. 


By clicking on the link below you can access a PDF of the guide that has been prepared to help us focus on Christ during this Advent season.
Please feel free to share with others.


We have two services every Sunday morning, one at 11am, and the other at 12pm. This helps us to follow guidelines on social distancing. If you are able to come and worship with us, we ask you to contact Michael and book in. We look forward to welcoming you.

Last Sunday, 22nd November, was our Home Missions Sunday, and we were thankful to have Rev Colin Gracie with us in Glenburn. If however, you normally forward the written sermon notes on to others in the congregation, then you can find the sermon notes of Rev Cheryl who was preaching in Finaghy by clicking on the title below



Join with us in our Sunday morning service led by the Rev Colin Gracie, Finaghy Methodist Church.

Click on the title below to view the service.



Image may contain: text that says "Cregagh & Glenburn: Church Online The Message of Mark Meeting Jesus through the eyes of Mark Travelling to Jerusalem (Part 2) Search for Cregagh Methodist Church or Glenburn Methodist Church f WWW Sunday 22nd November 7pm (Mark 9:14-10:52)"

Join with us as Mr David Rogers continues to lead us in our series on Mark.  Click on the title below:




A statement has been issued by the Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland Primates of All Ireland, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, and the President of the Methodist Church in Ireland regarding face coverings in churches.
“It, however, remains our responsibility to ensure that our services of worship are safe places for all who join with us. It has become increasingly clear that the wearing of face coverings, in conjunction with hand washing etc., is likely to reduce the spread of coronavirus, thus helping to protect others.”
FULL STATEMENT → https://buff.ly/3aETZCM

Our North East District Churches are linked through our World Development & Relief with partners in Ghana. One partnership in particular is with the Wenchi Methodist Hospital, that was marked as a designated response centre for COVID-19 in Ghana. Watch to hear an update from Bernard Botwe, and continue to pray


Here is a helpful resource to turn your physical exercise into a spiritual exercise too. Prayer walking is such an important and special opportunity for us to intercede on behalf of our community . This resource could help guide you along the way. Even if you are isolated to your home this can be a helpful tool. Why not draw a street map of your local area and imagine yourself walking through the area as you pray


In the absence of physical church gatherings, we have an opportunity to the scattered church. For as long as our church buildings are closed, we can serve those in our communities through prayer in our everyday comings and goings.

We invite you to embark on regular prayer walks during the lockdown. This will be a time when you are attentive to God’s presence in the places you walk, seeing God’s heart for the people and challenges around you and responding to His Spirit as you seek to love your neighbours.

You will join with other Christians around the country when you use this prayer resource to inspire and guide your prayers for people in this time and place.

To read the resource guide click on the title below:


90527397_1570335829785336_74519576666177536_oWe invite you to join together in a daily rhythm of prayer… Why not set an alarm to remind yourself to stop and pray. In so many ways, it is easy to feel helpless in this current crisis, but prayer invites us to have hope and faith in a God who is with us. So anytime you feel overwhelmed or helpless, cry out to God in prayer and plead for his intervention. Be expectant to see him at work.



  • We are privileged to have Cheryl Patterson as our minister. Cheryl came to us from Gorey, Co. Wexford where she ministered to a friendly active circuit.
  • Prayer is a rewarding and life enhancing conversation with God. But at times it can be difficult. You can feel isolated from others, running out of things to say and getting distracted.

    Jesus encouraged his followers to pray regularly and discipline is needed to accomplish that. Daily prayers help by developing a habit.

    If you would like us to pray for someone, use the Contact Us button above to let us know.

    If you would like us to post a prayer, please use the Contact Us button above to send it to us.

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