Who We Are

Glenburn Methodist Church was first established in 1954, in what is known as the Kelly Memorial Hall. The main church was subsequently added in 1970. The church is currently undergoing a significant amount of renewal and revival.

Minister Rev.John Mbayo 028 9080 3769
Church Steward Miss Rosemary Hamilton 028 91872230
Church Secretary Mrs. Sallie Johnston 028 9079 4507
Finance Steward Mr David Chapman
Property Steward Mr. Geoff Stewart
Property Supervisor Mr. Jim Taylor

Church Council

Rev John Mbayo, Leslie Finlay, Sallie Johnston, David Chapman, Geoff Stewart, Phil Clarke, David Rodgers, Andrea Jack , Oliver Hetherington, Laurence Weir, John McClune, John Puttock, Leslie Nelson, Andrea Grattan, Dennis Quinn