As a result of a visit to Togo by one of our members on a volunteer team some years ago, the need was seem for an ongoing partnership to assist the Church in that country in its work of mission. The Methodist Church in Togo has very active programme of evangelism and of social, health and educational development.SANY0086

Since that first visit the congregation at Glenburn have developed a partnership with the Church in Togo in assisting them in their work. We provide ongoing financial support for two missionary evangelists who are planting and pastoring church’s in the North of the country.


SANY0412Members of our congregation have responded to requests for training in such areas as Sunday School teaching, evangelism, IT skills and manual skills.

SANY0356Sivame clinicIn addition, we have been able to provide finance for the building of classrooms at a primary school and along with financial support from James Brown Funeral Services, seed funding for medical staff costs at a new health clinic which was built by the Church with funding from Methodist women in Ireland and the World Development and Relief Fund. This clinic provides much needed health care in a very remote area where there is no the medical provision.

Cite-de-grace crecheOur most recent project is to finance the construction of a crèche by a church in the outskirts if the capital city, Lomé. This
crèche will provide a facility for mothers to leave their children in care and enable them to work to support their families.Massey Ferguson